Addressing behavioral health is as important as physical health, and care providers need tools that can engage people in monitoring their own brain health.
Many mental health assessment techniques rely on self-report to track progress, which creates problems for care providers, as behavioral health conditions can affect self-perception. DANA goes beyond self-report and allows for objective tracking and feedback during intervention and treatment. DANA can provide an over-time, visual representation of a person’s cognitive development side-by-side with psychological test scores.
DANA can help improve behavioral health in many ways:
  • Cognitive screening with DANA software assesses changes in cognitive or behavioral issues related to stress or mental health.
  • Assist care providers in determining intervention efficacy
  • Empower first responders and second-line providers in the field to determine the cause and severity of suspected impairment
  • Assist with the determination of fitness for work versus the need for a higher level of care