In order to develop new treatments, interventions, and drugs, companies must understand their impact on cognitive function. Historically, it’s been difficult to assess changes in cognitive efficiency without heavy reliance on subjective, self-reported tests.

A breakthrough advance in traditional neurocognitive testing, DANA software’s patent-pending process merges cognitive and psychological assessments with objective and subjective measures, all verified by test/retest capability, via a simple handheld device. This innovative approach provides multiple levels of vital information related to brain health. Now, pharmaceutical companies and Clinical Research Organizations (CRO) can measure – from anywhere– the most intricate changes in cognitive function in patients as well as in human research subjects to better determine the safety and efficacy of new interventions.

Companies can use DANA software while:

  • Developing new pharmaceuticals and new treatments other than drug treatments
  • Researching drug interactions with existing pharmaceuticals
  • Determining the efficacy of drug treatment in diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s